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Actually we are using PostgreSQL plus Advance Server Version (Enterprise DB, compiled by Visual C++ build 1800, 64-bit) in windows environment, we have not buy any license copy just we are using downloaded from google. We have facing following the issues can you suggest me how to resolve the following the issues.


1.How to change the postgresql Configfile setting  for improving performance.

2.We have not enabled SSL certification.

3.While opening PostgreSQL asking each time register product key.

4.We have created Jobs (Using PGAdmin) after executing session is not cleared.

5.We are face multiple sessions (it means In side function we have created temporary table if executing continues multiple condition data is not updating properly, if update individually updating correct).

6. How to configure  differential backup in PostgreSQL .

Which is the best postgresql for using windows environment we don’t have knowledge please suggest me. Because if trying to downloading always downloading PGAdmin is it correct for this tool for maintain big data.

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