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By using Following steps you can make your Postgresql server more secure:
1.any VPN if aws open other third party tools is firtieclient…Etc.
2.pg_crypto extension.
3.changing user name instead of directly accessing root user.
4.changing ssh port number instead of 22 port.
5. Password should be UPPER-lower_special character (@$#*:'”*!!:;/+¥£¢€=~|`•√π÷׶∆\}{°°^¥€¢£%©®™✓[]\).
6. By installing csf firewall.
7.password & username should not be based on any cryptographic rule.
8.every 45 days should be change your password.
9.application side should be use any brute Force attacking module. Like limit login or Google recaptcha.
10. Generate ssh ppk file.

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