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Hi recently i got offer at Unotech Software
www.unotechsoft.com  anyone knew about this company I'm new in mumbai

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I joined one fake company at mumbai ,they are not given salary for last 3 month,that is what am looking for a job change
I don't know aware about that company Unotech software, their job is hiring new person from out of state, getting resource from them untill he is forecely asking salary,
In my knowledge they are cheated 2 Postgresql DBA including me and one java developer all are Experience guys,they will not care  professional life and his family,after lot of fighting they will give 3-8 % money for your train ticket.

I strongly suggest to professional collapse his server if get chance then only they will not get any project and they will not try to cheat  and play any professionals lives
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No.1 fake and fraudulent company, I left my previous job because they are not given salary 4 month

No.1 fake and fraudulent company, I left my previous job because they are released offer for me, After 3 month they are not given any salary , daily used to asking my salary like a beggar they told me that we will process​..., then reached 4 month left that job, after one month I think I'm only cheated, Recently I got one friend his name was (hiding name for security reason) he is a Postgresql DBA he is also got offer in Unotech he left that job after 2 month due to salary issue,
please Unotech don't play professional life they having family! Their family expecting money from you, still now searching  job for accepted your​ offer

If this management telling lies regarding for this issue I have mail evidence and offer letter of this company I will show you if required professional people

Thanks & Regards
Innocent guy

Please don't lie again and again this is management action there is No management and, No project. this company is fully training center.

Advice to Management:
Don't play professional peoples life and with their family
Lot of people trying to get a job after lot of issue​s,some people working​ company without salary for only getting Experience,after tried to get a job like your company Means think about his suitvation

Please read the reviews before joining this Unotech froad, if already got offer try to get new job if so small environment
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So sad i think those fool are thives not a IT professional , actually right now thinking about client only   how client are believing this people , I think they are also thives who are all touch with Unotech software
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I don't know how this mother f***er got 2 unbelievable things, they will not give salary, and you have to work 10-15 hours, and as well as you have to support week days ,I think actually management written review which is positive like good environment, good place to work, nice technical person...etc

Please profesional don't believe this mother f***er they will not give salary at any point they will give salary at every 3 month once that is less than a month salary
If you ask salary means everyday HR will tell you we will procees soon he doesn't know any word other that this he is not a HR he is a donkey
Special advise is
Get any Job Instead of going unotech software else see full review before joining

If you joined this without awareness nothing problem try to attend interview while working with this fool if you get offer join new company without intimation to this fool

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