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Dungeon roulette
This FFXIV gil farming method is, in most cases, time consuming, but simple, as is the case with FFXIV. However, running in dungeons can earn significant gil rewards from other items and experiences. This is not the most effective method, but it is an effective option for those who want to take more risks with money.

Market board
Make and sell equipment in the player market so that players can pay you. Or throw away all the unwanted items on the market and make money right away.

Use retainer
It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete this process. All you need to do is unlock the two holders and then send them. Post information to the market and relax while performing several different collection tasks.

Become a hunter-gatherer
If your role has a collector class, this method may be the best and most effective. We search for and collect high quality materials and raw materials and sell them to the winning bidders. If you haven't guessed it yet, it's also a great way to open the market.

Miners are worth a lot of money
However, if you have upgraded your minor classes, this method is more specific than the other methods in this list. This method takes only an hour or so, so it's a fast and effective way to get rich quickly. This guide may be a bit outdated, but the core concepts and implementations continue to apply to the current version of the game.

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