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Because the intelligent peristaltic pump can isolate the fluid in the pump pipe, it can not only quickly replace the pump pipe in use, but also reverse the fluid, so it is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making and other industries. So, how should these enterprises use intelligent peristaltic pump? The following will be introduced by intelligent peristaltic pump manufacturers with excellent quality.
1. Select the hose
Hose is an integral part of intelligent peristaltic pump. If the quality and performance of the hose is not good enough, it will have adverse effects on the use. A good hose should have good chemical resistance, because most enterprises will use some materials with chemical composition in the production process. If the chemical resistance of the hose is not good, it may be corroded or aged in advance.
2. Select the pump head
Enterprises in the procurement of intelligent peristaltic pump should choose the pump head, if the use of pump head flow is not appropriate, it will not achieve the desired effect. The pump head of the selected intelligent peristaltic pump should be able to meet the requirements of quick hose replacement. If the enterprise has multi-channel demand, it should choose to purchase multi-channel pump head or connect the pump heads in series. In addition, when selecting the pump head, the influence of fluid overflow on the material of the pump head should also be considered.
3. Select the drive
For the intelligent peristaltic pump, the higher the speed of the driver, the greater the flow. When purchasing the intelligent peristaltic pump, the enterprise should select the appropriate driver according to the required flow range. In addition, the control form of the driver should be considered, including fixed or adjustable speed, flow correction, flow distribution and external control.
Because hose, pump head and driver are all important parts of intelligent peristaltic pump, enterprises should choose the intelligent peristaltic pump with reliable quality through the quality and performance of these three parts. Only in this way can the peristaltic pump be really suitable for the enterprise, and let the peristaltic pump play its due role and efficacy in the work.

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