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Is there any software in PostgreSQL, like Oracle RAC available in Oracle ?

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Oracle's RAC is similar to what PostgreSQL is labelling "Shared Disk Failover" in that grid. The main difference is that RAC is fully integrated into Oracle's product, while "Shared Disk Failover" just describes a method of doing something. You have to assemble the necessary clusterware software around that for PostgreSQL, and there are a variety of advanced things RAC does you'll be hard pressed to duplicate in PostgreSQL. I regularly hear that most of those things are so complicated to setup that few Oracle installations get them right either--just because RAC is built-in doesn't mean it sets itself up automatically.

The main thing you can do in Oracle that is very hard to duplicate as well in PostgreSQL is multi-master replication. It's possible to do multi-master in PostgreSQL, but only with add-on software like Bucardo. And all such programs still have more restrictions on what you can do with them than the Multi-Master Oracle installations provide.
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The PostgreSQL community does not have the resources to create this sort of product. This is an informational page about database clustering in top essay writing services reviews which isn't available in Oracle. This article explains how it works, caveats, benefits and drawbacks.

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