How Ask Question ? Get Answer Works - You Can Earn Money With Sharing Knowledge

What is TutorialDBA Forum?:
The answer system is intended as a way of providing help for people who have questions about any subject. Members of can post or answer questions and subscribe to a topic. If user gets lot of answer highest voted answer will be up for that question
If a question having 10 answers mean, top 3 voted answers will be shown on the page others will be hidden. If user wants to show all answers, he/she needs to be registered with or login
User Earns reward by every month and Year: 
User gets badges level:
  • On daily basis  user needs to ask new questions and give more relevant answer to those questions and the best answer will get more positive votes from  viewers,  which in-turn increases their member level.
User Earning Money depends on badges level:
User Earns money by giving answer to:
This is the only platform where both questioner and the one who gives best answer will be getting earning opportunities. Let us see how it works, For instance, A User Asks one Question and other users will be sharing their relevant answers to that question on our site. Now some one in need of answer for his question will be looking for in our platform. If he is satisfied with any of the answers which are available in TutorialDBA Forum , If  he/she will donate some amount to the answer and that amount will be distributed in the following manner,
  • 5% of the Donor money will go to the questioner and 70% of that will go to the one who gives that Donated answer to the question and the remaining 20% to the site owner.